Sunday, January 15, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - 1/15/2012 - From "Larvae"

The dog had gotten into something he shouldn't have, and now Prince lay dying.
Wheezing, whimpering. Twitching, convulsing. Foaming translucent greenish goop from his pulsating jowls, all over the living room carpet.
Brand-new white living room carpet, which Wade had argued against for the very reason that it would be impossible to keep clean with two kids and a dog in the house.
Told you so, Mags, thought Wade with a decidedly giddy edge. He almost giggled, but managed to hold it in.

I've always wanted to write a "balls-to-the-wall" horror story, and Larvae is it. Non-stop action from the first page until the end. The premise is a dog that escapes the confines of the backyard fence and gets into something he shouldn't have in the woods. Of course, this something turns out to be far worse than anything the Mitchell family could have ever imagined. EDP for Larvae: Feb 10th. (But don't quote me on that.)

Larvae is a bit gory. My cover artist, Rich DiSilvio, caught the novella's tone perfectly: This tale is not for the squeamish. More from this one next week.

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  1. Hey Dan, love this six. Will certainly read Larvae!

  2. I had a dog named Prince who died. :( You six caused me to get a little emotional. Haha. So, the barf with the worm on the cover, can I just say EWWW gross?

    1. Sorry about that, Krystal. Trust me, it was not intentional. Please just don't tell me that your Prince was a white-haired German Shepherd. That would just be too freaky.