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It's not not so bad getting yourself blown up eight times a day for the slack-jawed tourists, at least to Jack Whiskey's thinking. He's lived in Eden, Virginia, his whole life, and colonial reenactment is all he knows. Being the town “alchemist” is what he does. Well, that and drink beer at the Olde Eden Taphouse...

But his dreamy life is upended when he discovers that fictional characters and beings straight out of myth roam the streets of Eden. Oh, and there's a gang of American Indian Trickster gods running around distributing a beer brewed with the Water of Life to every bar and corner store within city limits. The Creator gods are never happy when people start attaining Eternal Life like it's every nobody's business. (Check your mythology: it always ends badly, usually for the people.) Soon enough, the ever-vigilant Cosmic Dancer will take notice and two-step existence right on out of existence.

But the residents of Eden aren't going down without a brawl. With the help of mind-wielding monks, mythological beings, and characters snatched straight from the classics, Jack must embark on a romp across mythical worlds—and descend to the ancient Greek Underworld—to prevent the stamping out of the universe.

And he may have more in common with those Tricksters than he ever imagined possible.

The Fountain of Eden is currently available exclusively at Amazon.

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