Horror Tales

When Prince escapes from the backyard fence during a 4th of July party, the Mitchell family figures the beloved family dog will be back after he's had his fun romping about the woods. And after the party breaks up, Prince does return.

Wheezing, whimpering, twitching, convulsing, and foaming greenish goop from pulsating jowls. Rabies but...not. There are...things...moving underneath the dog's skin.

Maggie hustles the kids upstairs while Wade searches the Internet for clues as to what illness the dog might have contracted out in the forest.

And then hell straight out of a creature-feature erupts in the once-idyllic Mitchell household. Will Wade and Maggie be able to get the children out of the house safely...or will the worms devour them all?

Larvae is an 11,000-word horror novelette. It is available in the Kindle Store , Nook Store, and at Smashwords. You can also read it for free online at larvaehorror.blogspot.com. (Coming soon.)

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