Sunday, January 1, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - 1/1/2012 - From "The Fountain of Eden"

“You ever hear saying 'If you see Buddha in road, kill him'?”

“Of course . . . but that's a metaphor! It means you shouldn't hang onto the idea that there even is such a thing as a buddha, or that it's even possible to become a buddha, because it interferes with what's truly important: your practice.”

“The true dharma not dependent on words and scriptures, much less metaphors and similes.” Master Mirbodi shrugged. “Interpret saying how you like--but tonight, if we see ugly, stinking harpy-buddhas in road, we gonna kill 'em.”

Master Mirbodi and Sitting Lotus, Zen master and Zen novice monk, were my favorite characters to write. These guys are fun!

NOTE: As a "hair-of-the-dog" special, The Fountain of Eden is available as a free download today and tomorrow in the Kindle Store. What better way to work off a hangover than read a novel about beer? Enjoy! And thanks for stopping by. I think I may mix it up next week and give you a taste of a WiP. See you then! And happy New Year!

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  1. I really enjoyed this...great six! :) Happy New Year!

  2. LOL! As a general rule of thumb, I kill any ugly, stinking harpy-buddhas I encounter, too. Huzzah!

  3. Ha! Thanks, guys. I guess I should have explained that, in this scene, Sitting Lotus is wondering about his vows as a monk to not harm living things, and Master Mirbodi then drops a little dharma on him, explaining how harpies and other ancient Greek Underworld nasties don't necessarily qualify. Happy 2012!