Sunday, March 11, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - 3/11/2012 - From "Eye of the Dome"

After a moment the frigid fingers, strange juxtaposed against the heat now flowing through him, released his face.

He let out a deep breath, then cracked open his eyes and squinted to get a look at the miracle-worker hovering over him. The man's face portrayed assurance, pride, sternness. He wore a voluminous robe that wrapped around him, flowing and fluttering in swells and waves, so clean and bright white that it hurt to look at for more than a few seconds.

The man had three eyes, two in the right places and one in the middle of his forehead.

Right then the boy concluded that he was dead, dreaming, or hallucinating.


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  1. One thing - if this is a WIP, I snagged on the repeat of 'white' in the description of the man's robe. If you have the chance to take one out, you might consider it.

    Otherwise, the moment is excellent. I like the opposites between the two characters: warm/cold, young/old, natural/supernatural. They all lead to a great conclusion on the boy's part that he can't possibly be seeing this man in the world he knows and understands.

    Great 6, Dan.

    1. Ooh, good catch, Cara. Repeat corrected. And thanks for your kind comments.