Sunday, February 5, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - 2/5/2012 - From "Larvae"

"Logical explanation?" Wade spat on the floor, and a horrid grin slithered across his face. Slick, seaweed-colored slime coated his teeth.

Wade's spittle glared neon green in the kitchen's overhead lights. Neither of them spoke as two pairs of glassy eyes stared down at the mess of phlegm. Filled with tiny, moving things, the shuddering glob lurched this way and that about the tile.

Larvae is complete. It goes off to the editor tomorrow. I had much fun writing this one, and I hope everybody has much fun reading it. It should be available for purchase by Feb. 18th.

I've got ideas for a couple other horror shorts I plan to release this year, along with a YA fantasy novel I've been working on for a little while. Yeah, so I'm all over the place in the land of genres. But when an idea strikes me, no matter what it may be, I usually grab my pen and run with it. Sometimes I even stab myself in the neck with it when I trip and fall. The pen, that is, not the idea, unless we're talking figuratively. Oh, wait, we are . . .

I've really been slacking recently on the blog posts, so thank you to the good folks at Six Sunday for inspiring me to put out content weekly. But I'm now working one up on the writing process I utilized to bring Larvae into existence. Stay tuned. It'll have screenshots and everything. Yowza.

Thanks for letting me ramble on to you. And don't forget to head over to Six Sunday and check out the succinct, sweet posts from all the talented writers.


  1. Ohhhhh.... Gross! But in a good way :D Much success with this one, Dan!